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Monsoon romance: 'I had never been so happy'

July 20, 2009 16:42 IST
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Do you have any special memories that were created during the monsoons? We invited Get Ahead readers to share their romantic monsoon memories with us, and we have been flooded with responses. As part of an ongoing series, we present three stories we received.

It was the evening prior to her birthday when we decided to meet after office. We went to Marine Drive in South Mumbai. It was drizzling and walking with your loved one was simply amazing. The sound of sea waves from the right and water pouring from the sky was the perfect picture for a monsoon evening.

She was hungry so we decided to visit the nearby pizza place called Pizzeria. The place was crowded because of which we had to wait for nearly 30 minutes. A florist was diverting my attention when I was engrossed in talking with her. Finally I purchased one red rose which found its glory only after it was in her hands.

After we were done with dinner, I asked her if we could spend some time sitting near the sea face. She agreed. This was the time to present her the gift that I had got for her birthday. It started pouring again. Luckily, it stopped and I managed to convince her that I won't take much of her time. I gifted her 22 sets of earrings for her 22nd birthday. She was so overwhelmed that she said it was the best gift she ever received on her birthday. I was happy that my efforts were not wasted as she liked each and every set. That was her first birthday with me after we had met. The way she praised me that day was just mind-blowing. Felt like crying a bit since I had never been so happy, even on my own birthday.

Two police vans were constantly observing us from the far end, since all the sets were wrapped in a big box which they thought suspicious. But she had gone so crazy opening each and every set that she hardly noticed them.

That was the most beautiful rainy day of my life which I will always cherish. As of now, my relationship with her is in a bit of mess. I just want to pray that we remain together for all the monsoons that we see in future.

-- Prem, Mumbai


I'm Sridhar. This had happened when I was in Hyderabad in 2007. Well, it was one of the most unforgettable memories in my life. She was my classmate, we both were very good friends and knew each other very well -- our likes and dislikes and almost everything else matches.

It was the monsoon season. On that day I invited my girlfriend home to introduce my mom personally, After college hours I brought her home and she had a very good time with my mom, sharing and discussing her views and family matters.

After sometime I took her out on the terace, it was lovely weather when everyone has a desire to be with his girlfriend. I proposed to her by saying that I want to be your Valentine forever and ever and I wanna kiss you. She looked at me very angrily -- I thought it would be the strongest slap on my cheek ever, but that anger lasted for just a few seconds. Then she smiled and hugged me with a strong kiss.

For that happiness I had no words or expression -- I just held her very tightly and kissed her.

The taste of that first kiss was mindblowing. Amazing, I felt as if I had gotten everything which I didn't have in this world.

Thanks rediff, for giving this opportunity to share my unforgettable memories...

-- Sridhar Thigulla, Banglore

Hi, I wanted to share this sweet story with you all.

This is the story of early July 2006. I was 23 years old at that time, it started from Vapi Station in Gujarat.

It was raining heavily and the train was running 20 minutes late at 8.50 pm -- I was coming back to Mumbai. When I arrived at the station I saw a really cute-looking girl standing at the station. She seemed alone and I still remember the yellow salwar she was wearing was looking great. The train arrived, it was now time to stop looking at her; I thought she will board the ladies' compartment, but even she came into the first class compartment and sat opposite me. I was able to observe her easily and she was really enjoying the rain falling outside.

She opened the window a little and stretched out her hand -- I was falling in love with her. For almost four hours I was just observing her. I didn't even try to talk to her. And then we were passing Virar Station in Mumbai. I was going to get off a few stops away at Dadar so I went to stand near the door. It was midnight and the rain was beautiful outside. Suddenly, a sweet voice said behind, "Excuse me, but where are you getting off?" I turned around and there she was. I told her where I would be getting off and she asked, "Will you be there in the compartment till Bandra?" I said yes -- it looked as if she was relieved that there was someone around whom she could trust so late at night.

I was standing at the door and she took a seat behind me. We were now alone in the compartment. Then at Bhayander Station, three men boarded the train -- they were little drunk They took the seat opposite her and were continuously staring at this cute girl. She started feeling a little uncomfortable. So I went back in and took the seat next to her. She was a little relaxed then, but we didn't have any conversation, not even eye-contact till Khar arrived. And when the train left Khar, she got up. And a sweet little word -- "Thanks" -- came from her. I was so surprised that I didn't say anything. She got down at Bandra. I came out to the door and saw her climbing the stairs and she looked again at me and smiled this time -- even I smiled back. And then I was not able to see her as the train started moving.

Till date I remember that smile of hers and whenever I go to Vapi I look around to see if I can find her. Bur four years have passed and that smile is never seen.

-- Rahul

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