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Now, a 'divorce travel package' to save your marriage

Last updated on: November 03, 2009 11:52 IST
Well, that's certainly what Mumbai-based KV Tours and Travels is hoping. The company launched a 'divorce tourism' package earlier this year, designed for couples whose marriage is on the rocks, but are willing to give it another shot.

As part of the package, not only will couples travel to exotic destinations (in India and abroad), but they will be accompanied by an 'expertise team' that will help spouses recognise and address problem areas in their relationship.

"The idea is to give couples together-time, away from friends and family," says Vijesh Thakker, the company's chief executive.

It's no secret that while India's divorce rate is still relatively low, it is rising. The stigma attached to divorce is quite high and legal separation is the last option, which is why couples may be more willing to try all options to save the marriage before taking the final step.

The company has already received a dozen enquiries since the launch -- from couples, as well as the families and friends of those experiencing marital trouble.

"Many couples have problems, but are unwilling to accept or admit them. This could be a reason why even families and friends are approaching us with enquiries," explains Thakker.

But is the answer to marital discord as simple as taking a trip together?

"Each couple has different problems, different needs. We are putting a lot of thought and planning into each package," says Thakker. "The expertise team will also differ, based on the kind of difficulties people are facing."

"While many couples might not want to speak with a counsellor or a professional, our expertise team will befriend the couple and develop a certain comfort level, which will then help identify and solve the problems that present themselves," he says.

While the idea certainly sounds appealing, we'll just have to wait and watch to know if it will meet with success.

Shifra Menezes