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'IIT JEE is like any other exam'

April 05, 2010 14:12 IST
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The IIT JEE is coming up on April 11 and we asked readers who have taken the test in previous years to share their tips on how to score well in the exam.

In a series that started on March 19 here are some responses we received from those who have successfully cracked the joint entrance examination and are currently studying at various IITs across India [ Images ].

So, JEE is just so close. I know it is too close and you all are a bit worried. What to do, how to do, what to learn now, what to leave? I have done my preparation but well I am feeling a bit nervous. All these things keep going on in your mind, right?
Well folks keep these things away. This is the time -- big time I must say -- and you all have to crack JEE. But how to go about it.
So, here we go... As I always say and keep saying take it easy. It is just like any other exam and take it just that way.

Try to eat good, nutritious food these days. I am sure your mothers must be taking care of that but from your side also you should eat good diet. Also, see whatever you have done is good enough. You should not go in for more and more sort of attitude.

Try to take a quick wrap of topics you have covered (now that there are only a few days left), skim over important formulaes and try to relax, do take good hours of sleep.

Also, try to talk less about the results, about the exam itself and try to be normal. Do not take the burden of exam or the pressure of clearing it.

The last thing that you can do is to spoil your exam because of your nervousness even when you know things.

On the night before the exam you must sleep good. This is essential, very important. Do not go for more and more revision -- it does not help doing things at the last moment. But what will matter is that you are healthy and fresh on the last day.

On the day of exam you should be fresh. Do not talk much before you walk in the examination hall, in between exams, avoid discussing the paper.

And here are a few small points: Take liquids, carry water with you. Temperature is high in the north these days. Also a watch. I know you all know these things but just that to remind you.

Best of luck and once again keep yourself cool. That is the key.

Puneet Agrawal,
Graduated from IIT-Delhi in 2008

'Revise formulas, concepts and listen to good music'

With just one week left, you can not jump on new questions trying them hard and then if you are not able to get those, you may lose your confidence. So the best thing is just revise your concepts, make yourself comfortable. Revise formulas, concepts and listen to good music.

Try to improve your sleeping habits at least for this week. Most of us are in a habit of studying late nights but during the exam you will have to work against your general routine.

So, I will suggest you wake up at 6 in the morning for at least this week and study or solve papers continuously for 2 to 3 hours as per your exam timings, so that you find the exam day as just another normal day. One more thing: If you are not able to get proper sleep one night before the exam, don't worry. That's normal and is happening with most of the students.

Just be normal, don't be over-confident even if the paper is easy. Never underestimate yourself too. You have worked hard and it will definitely pay off.

All the best to all of you who will be giving their JEE on April 11.

Anshul Rai,
Final year undergraduate student,
Computer Science and Engineering,

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