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'How do I show proof of funds for a UK study visa?'

Last updated on: July 21, 2010 11:37 IST
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Are you planning on studying in the UK but unsure of the visa process?

What is a CAS and do you need one when applying for a UK study visa?

What are the average expenses when studying in the UK?

What are the minimum funds you need to show when applying for your study visa?

To answer these and a number of other student visa related questions, entry clearance manager Nik Snowden at UK Border Agency (Chennai) and officers Ewan Cunningham and Mike Christie hosted a chat on July 19. For those of you who missed the chat, here's the unedited transcript.

preet asked, hallo sir, my study visa was rejected last year. will it have an effect on this year's application? i had a prob with funds proof last year

Ewan answers, Hi Preet, if the refusal was only on the basis that you didn't have satisfactory evidence of funds it won't affect any future applications. Make sure you declare the refusal on your application form though.

siju asked, I'm a Working professional, can i first apply for a Study Visa before getting Admission in a College.Then, apply for Admissions. And how long does the entire process take to get a Visa.Is there any tests needs to be written to qualify.

Nik answers, Siju you need to have an admission to a college before you apply. Our targets are to process case within 15 days although we encourage students to apply as early as possible. At present UKBA requires you to sit for no tests but your college may

RAJ asked, hi, can i work part time while studying and is the income enough for sustaining myself

Mike answers, Hi Raj Yes you may work part time in the UK while you study, However you must NOT rely on the funds to be able to support yourself in the UK. The number of hours you can work depends on the course you undertake

RAJ asked, hi this is raj i want to knw whether have we to submit statement of purpose (SOP) along with visa form?

Mike answers, Raj No you are not required to complete a statement of purpose. You need to meet the requirements of the points based system. For further details please refer to the UKBA website Thanks

RAJ asked, for proof of fund is it enough to show balance of last one much balance precisely to be shown?
Ewan answers, Hi Raj, if it's a bank statement you need to show the transactions [including balance] covering a period of 28 days. The last transaction must be dated no more than a month before your application date.

sad asked, is there a visa interview like for US?

Mike answers, Hi Sad At present we can interview applicants, however it is not a requirement. Most applications are considered without the need for an interview

hiiiiiiii asked, hi nik.. Uk recession is going on will u still suggest we can study in UK

Nik answers, The recession is no reason for you not to study in the UK. However you should not rely on a job to help you fund your time in UK

RAJ asked, SIR , currently are HSMP visas granted?? what is the important criteria and chages one has to keep in mind?

Mike answers, Raj We no longer issue HSMP visas.

aru asked, Hi it possible to study on UK spouse visa

Mike answers, 
Aru Yes you can study on a spouse visa. You will need to meet the requirments and obtain a valid CAS from your sponsor. You will also need to show evidence of sufficient funds.

Wilson asked, Hi Mr.Nik,I would be applying for Tier-1 visa next month while i'm planning to study MBA in UK (next sep 2011).Say if i do get Tier-1 work permit will this create a hindrance if i require to study in UK.

Nik answers, 
Wilson sorry this web chat is only about students. If you want to come to the UK to study you should apply through Tier 4, if you want to come to work you should apply through T2

RAJ asked, Sir but precisely how much funds to be shown ideally for 28 days?

Ewan answers, Ok Raj, you need to show the first years course fees [or full fees if the course is less than a year]. You additionally need to show 9 months maintenance for courses over a year. Maintenance is 400 pounds sterling if outer London or outside London and 600 pound per month if inner London. Refer to guidance for full details.

Nikesh asked, Hi can you tell me in pound wat is the balance that I need in my acct.

Mike answers, Nikesh You need to look at the T4 guidance in order to establish how much you will need. The level of course and location of the college will make a difference as to how much you need. All the details are available in published guidance

Harish asked, Hi Nik,If I have a FD in my Uncles name will it do?

Ewan answers, Hi Harish. No money needs to be in your name or your parents' names.

jim asked, hi, does an certification in english language from an international certification agency like City & Guilds will help me earning extra brownie points for the visa??

Ewan answers, Hi Jim, no brownie points involved. You just need to earn the 40 points as per the published guidance.

ajay asked, Hello, I have a question with regards to study already studying college in UK. It looks like college is trying to extract money from the students. One example is students have a feeling that college has intentionally failed some students in the first semester and now they are demanding students to pay for that semester again and attend the classes. So in a way students have a feeling that college is forcing student to re-attend first semester so that they can demand fees from them. They are asking to pay 1000 pounds. I am really not sure if this is the right place to ask the question but I'd appreciate if you could point me to the right place where we can understand what rights do students have to safegaurd themselves once they land in UK. Thanks so much for your help in advance.

Nik answers, Ajay I cannot deal with this question on line. please contact me at and it will be passed to me

GAURAV asked, hi sir.......i want to do Ph.d in social work. would u refer me any gud university.

Ewan answers, Hi Gaurav, We can't recommend any particular Universities. You can refer to our sponsor register though or British Council will be able to assist.

Nikesh asked, Where will I find the published guidance is there a website

Mike answers, 
Nikesh There is a specific website, details can be found at or try a google search

Harish asked, Hi Ewan, If My Uncle add my name or my fathers name to FD will it do?

Ewan answers, Yes, that's fine as long as you're a named joint holder.

muthu asked, Heard there is a new english language test coming up for all wishing to enter UK ? when is it due to start ?

Mike answers, Muthu At present we do not have any details on the UK approved language testing. This will be implemented in due course. Thanks

Wilson asked, Hello,how many days would it take to get a student visa to UK?

Nik answers, If your application is straight forward with no problems should take around 3 weeks

RAJ asked, will there be additional intakes after september 2010 in the current year?

Nik answers, 
Raj This is down to the individual colleges

jim asked, thanks ewan, means it wont be a value add for me if i do a City & guild english language certification with regards to an UK visa...

Ewan answers, 
Yes Jim, you just need the qualifications / documents you use to obtain your course offer.

rajeshwarrao asked, Respected Sir, Iam working PSU executive employee, i have experience 8 years. I have completed btech. i want study MBA in UK. can i get visa. now my age 34.

Mike answers, Rajesh We do not have any age restrictions on visa applicants. You will need to apply and meet all the T4 requirements.

robin asked, Which is better for MBA? Bradford Univ or Horborn college?

Mike answers, Robin We cannot make comments on sponsors in the UK. you will need to do your own research into the sponsor

haroon asked, Hi I have studied in uk for 4 yrs.I have been refused for work permit in 2004 can I apply for student visa now

Nik answers, Hi Haroon assuming you have not been refused for deception this refusal should not count against you however you must declare it on your application form

muthu asked, if u enter on a dependent visa then later decide to take up a study course in the UK, would it be possible ? would one have to come to India to re-apply under a different visa status ?

Mike answers, 
Muthu Yes you can study in the UK, however you will need to meet all of the requirements as a normal T4 student, this includes a valid CAS and evidence of funds

vinny asked, hi, nik i finished my engineering in 2004 and from then i have been working not continously though, i have a changed around 4 companies and now i want restart my career with an MBA degree in will my past inconsistent experience would reduce my chances of getting a student visa..say if i hold an admission from UK university

Ewan answers, Hi Vinny. No won't be an issue. You just need to get an unconditional offer of a place on a course and demonstrate you have sufficient funds. Refer to guidance for details.

GAURAV asked, how much time would embassy take to grant a student visa....and wat would be its fee?

Mike answers, Gaurav We try to process within 15 working days. however we advise students to apply as early as possible.

Wilson asked, Does UK embassy provide a limited scholarship programmesh for Indian students to pursue higher studies in UK? If so,could you give some info on the same; thanks in advance.

Ewan answers, No scholarship, sorry Wilson.

jony asked, i completed bsc computers, is it eligible for study in uk for pg courses

Nik answers, 
That would depend on the requirements of the education provider

muthu asked, apologies, what is CAS and (my 2nd part of the initial question) do i have to come back to india to re-apply under a 'student category' ?

Mike answers, 
Muthu A CAS is a certificate of acceptance for studies. this will be given to you by your sponsor in the UK, without the CAS you cannot apply for a visa. No you do not need to come back to India to apply if you are already in the UK and have valid leave to remain

jay asked, Hi please let us know the average expenses to do MBA in UK?

Ewan answers, Hi Jay, the course costs vary greatly. The maintenance requirements for your visa requirements are 400 pound sterling per month for outside London and 600 pounds inner London up to max of 9 months.

GAURAV asked, for student visa how much would be fees??? n wat document we have to produce

Mike answers, Gaurav A student visa will cost Rs. 13950.00. Can you be more specific regarding the documents

abhi asked, hi I am in merchant navy had been to UK twice for studies and will be going again for future studies will like to now the time scale in which the visa will be issue also i would like my wife to go along with me for her which visa to apply for.

Ewan answers, 
Hi Abhi, our target is to process visa in 15 working days, currently we're processing them quicker than that. You should apply for a PBS dependent visa for your wife.

vemuri asked, Hello I am 38 years old,Is there any age restriction to apply for UK student visa
Nik answers, No

sajid asked, hi how easy is it to apply for spouse visa if one has got of study visa

Nik answers, 
If your spouse meets the rules she will be allowed entry

Aniruddha asked, Need to know if study visas are given after 12th grade? Do the universities consider partial scholarships is the student has excelled in sports nationally?

Ewan answers, Yes you get a student visa for up to and including post graduate studies. Some University's give scholarships but you'll have to enquire at the individual Uni / college.

jay asked, Hi, i wish to do MBA in UK and i have 8 years of total experience. Is my work experience considered during VISA processing for studying and settling?

Ewan answers, No, only consider acceptance on a course and that you have the required funds.

guddu asked, Hi.if I get unconditiona letter from my university without IELTS as they checked my degree and my medium of study. Is there any problem with VISA

Nik answers, You should provide evidence of any documents seen by your university to give you an offer. If they have not seen them then you don't need to show them

Radhika asked, hey. I am applying for my masters in economics for programs 2011/12. Am applying for scholarship, but also have requisite funds to meet all academic and other expenses. I have traveled for various conferences to Europe before. However, I did the first 8 years of my schooling in the Gulf (UAE, Oman). Would this have a bearing on my visa application? Thanks

Ewan answers, No, no bearing at all.

muthu asked, 1st can I say u guys are doing a great job of answering patiently. Thanks ! Could you kindly direct me to where I can get more info on dependent visa (email/phone) as I don't want to post those questions here in a student visa forum

Mike answers, Muthu You will need to refer to the published guidance avialable at Thanks

abhi asked, since i will be staying in uk for more then 10 month and my wife will be going with me can she work part time in uk on PBS dependent visa

Ewan answers, It depends on your course. if it's degree level or above your wife can work. If below degree [unless foundation degree] she can't work.

kapil asked, Hi what is the deadline to apply for a student visa for september intake

Nik answers, There is no deadline for the September intake

sajid asked, and may i ask wat are those basic rules

Nik answers, Sajid you need to look on the website for guidance on dependants

guddu asked, I have 6 lac in my a/c since 2 month,a/c is in my name. as you know we need 5400 GBP(around 3 lac) in my a/c for maintenance . Can I withdraw 1 lac from that a/c. does it affect point is my a/c has never been gone to lower than 5 lac in any day since last 2 month.

Mike answers, Guddu As long as you can show that you have held the minimum required then it is up to you if you withdraw the funds

CLF asked, What are the required tests other than TOEFL or IELTS prior tp application for a UK visa

Nik answers, At present there are no tests required by UKBA

JOE asked, Hi,my brother is planning to do his 1 year mba from MAGNA CARTA university of wales,i would like to know if this is a good university and if he can get a work visa after his course?

Ewan answers, Hi Joe, Magna Carta are an A rated sponsor on the sponsor register. Further information could be provided by British Council. It depends on current policy at the time on whether he will be allowed to stay for post study work.

james asked, Hello, I worked in UK on a IT workpermit for 4 years,unfortunately i had overstayed for 7 months. Now i am in India and want to apply for UK student visa. will there be any restriction for issuance of visa as i had overstayed previously.

Mike answers, 
James Each application is considered on its own merits. you will need to give details as to why you overstayed in the UK.

sumant asked, I have an offer from cranfield mgmt school and plan to apply UK student visa. I have a loan sanction of 40000 GBP from HSBC UK bank. The money will be disbursed when I reach UK, Will that cause any issue to my visa application ?

Ewan answers, 
Hi sumant. As long as the loan letter is dated under 6 months ago and there are no other unfulfilled conditions it won't be a problem.

sumant asked, I have an offer from cranfield mgmt school and plan to apply UK student visa. I have a loan sanction of 40000 GBP from HSBC UK bank. The money will be disbursed when I reach UK, Will that cause any issue to my visa application ?

Nik answers, Yes yyour loan must be available to you before you leave for the UK

bharath asked, with 6 in IELTS and 58% aggregate in Bachelors which are the best universities UK?

Mike answers, Bharath You will need to do your own research into universities in the UK. we do not make recomendations. Thanks

pavan asked, i have travelled to Australia to study, unfortunately due to inevitable reason i returned back , now i want to study in UK, Do I have to cancle my Australia visa or should i apply straight away

Ewan answers, Hi Pavan. No, no reason for you to cancel Australian visa as far as we're concerned.

Rahul asked, I am interested to do Mba in Uk from Nottingham university. I have done 3 year diploma in hotel management, Bachelor in Arts and have done 1 year PG in business management . In addition to that i have got more than 10 years of experience at supervisory level with 2 years of experience in Uk at a manager level. Am i required to give IELETS before applying for mba? please

Mike answers, Rahul We do not require an IELTS certificates. at present your sponsor will need to assess your English ability

rohit asked, dear sir, i want to study MSc in financial management or investment analysis and portfolio management in the university. here problem is that such colleges are enrolled students without ielts .so is it legally for student visa?

Nik answers, At present UKBA does not require you to have IELTS but your education provider might

diwakar asked, Dear Mike, I want to know if she can have her higher studies at UK. i.e. after completion of x exams.

Mike answers, Your daughter will need to get a CAS from a sponsor and meet all the requirements as every student needs to do

neo asked, If I join a course for PG in UK ... will I be allowed to work in UK afer completion of degree or do I need to apply again for work visa after graduating ...

Ewan answers, Hi Neo, you may be able to apply for a post study work visa following your staudies. However it depends on the policy in place at that time. You will need to refer to guidance when if that time arrives.

CLF asked, Is it true that a 2 student Visa comes with a one year work permit after completion of the course in the UK ? Please clarify.Thank you

Nik answers, No it does not you must re-apply if you wish to work once you have finished your studies

san123 asked, Does the applicant have to appear for a personal interview for a tier 4 visa for an undergrad programme ?

Mike answers, San123 As per my previous answer, most applications are considered without the need for an interview.

Lakshmi asked, hello ,could tell me what is processing time for a general candidate for obtaining a visa without any help of an agent

Nik answers, We aim to complete all straight forward cases within 21 days

abhi asked, hi Ewan regarding my last question whether my wife can work or not u said if i have a degree course she can work, I am applying for merchant navy chief officer course which will give me HND-Nautical Science, will with me doing this course can my wife work part time in UK?

Ewan answers, Sorry Abhi, don't think so, if your course is NQF level 5, which I think it is, or below she can't work. You'll need to check with the college re the NQF level.

NWaikar asked, Hi, How long does it normally take to get a student visa after application submission. Is there a fast track process to ensure meeting a University Join date?

Nik answers, We aim to make a decision within 21 days on straight forward cases. There is no fast track procedure so you should apply allowing plenty of time

james asked, Mike,thanks for your quick reply,My employer did not apply for my extension and i was under the impression ,that he had applied and by the time i realised it was too late, so when i decided to comeback, the immigration officials have asked me what is the reason for my overstay and i answered the above reason they clearly said to me,since i have breached the immigration rules, i can no longer comeback to UK

Mike answers, James As previously stated you will need to provide a full explanation and evidence that your employer applied for you

Gautam asked, I have an admission offer from Maritime Greenwich College for the MBA program. Is the college is accredited and recognised by UKBA. Will I get visa for this college.

Ewan answers, Hi Gautam, you'll need to check the sponsor register on the UKBA website.

Wilson asked, I would like thank you people for addressing the student queries.As of my query goes: I planning to pursue MBA studies in UK,would like to know the time duration of student visa validity? Will there be an extendended visa validity if candidate finds work in UK after completing post graduate courses?

Nik answers, The duration of your visa is linked to your course. If you want to work after you have completed your studies you need to re-apply for a different visa

Rahul asked, as i have already worked in english speaking country,so whats the use of giving ILETS

Mike answers, Rahul WE do not require an IELTS qualification

sandy asked, hiiiiiiii sir , myself rajeshwar singh i got 6.5 band and i passed out 12 with 76%. what need required for uk visa

Ewan answers, For a student visa you just need an unconditional place on a course with a registered sponsor and the required funds.

raju asked, what is T4 requirements

Mike answers, Raju Please refer to the published guidance. this is avialable at

ddraju asked, if a court case is pending over here and court gives u the permission to travel abroad then will there be any problems while processing the visa

Nik answers, Would depend on the circumstances of your case. You would need to submit all information about it with your application

jay4 asked, Hi Nik, What is the equivalent study in UK for a 3 year Indian Polytechnic Diploma in Electrical and Electronics?

Ewan answers, Hi Jay 4, you'll need to refer to the NARIC website.

Chandan asked, Hi Nik, Thanks for your valuable informations. I have got offer letter from The Uni. of Northampton. for Sep 2010. My concern is that in my I hav only one account from which I have to show the balance but i am withdrawing some little money for my maintenace, al though I hav sufficient bal. for visa.......will it be a problem afterwards

Nik answers, So long as you maintain the minimum required funds for 28 days your visa should not be affected

Lakshmi asked, could you suggest which one is the best process to gain student visa via agent or direct.

Mike answers, Lakshmi We cannot offer any advise on filing your application. th process is straight forward, please follow the published guidance

JOE asked, Hi,For immigration process does all the certificates has to be original???..

Nik answers, Yes they do

Vijay asked, Hi Nik, earlier I've applied for Canadian Student Visa and it got rejected. So what are the chances of getting a UK student visa now?

Nik answers, Each application is dealt with on its merits you must disclose your previous Canadian refusal and the reasons for it if known

raju asked, i have going to complete bsc computers (10+2+3) degree. i want to do MS in UK. can i get visa

Mike answers, Raju You need to meet all the requirements and obtain a valid CAS from your sponsor. You can then apply with all the required documents

dd asked, Hi, I have an unconditional offer from UWE Bristol without IELTS, do I need to appear for the exam before Visa?

Mike answers, dd we do not require an IELTS certificate

placementInUK asked, Sir,pls provide ur frank eval of the job-scene in UK for students who complete their qualifications from UK. otherwise what whats the use of spending some many $$$$ on the qualification ???

Ewan answers, Hi. sorry, we really aren't qualified to comment on the UK job market and we don't know what situation with post staudy work will be in the future. It's for you to decide on the pro's and con's of UK study. UK quailfications are of course valuable though and useful throughout the world. Good luck with your decision.

visatrac asked, Dear Sir, I have been fooled by northumbria university and counsellor present over here. THey provided me offer letter and at time of taking admission in uni, officials told me there is no such course in university. Where can i complain about it

Nik answers, Please contact me on

john asked, What if I do a Masters ; but fail to pass and get only a Diploma instead. Can I get a visa for 2 yrs to work under post study work...

Ewan answers, It depends on the policy at the time of application.

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