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Golden tips to be successful at work

June 25, 2010 17:42 IST

Do you find it difficult to cope with unfriendly colleagues in office?

Do you have a bad image in office and want to improve it?

Have you have just changed your job and are finding it uncomfortable to cope with the culture in your new office?

Do you feel suffocated because your seniors are taking all the credit for your good work?

In a chat with Getahead readers on June 24 career coach Amit Bansal of answered these and many other queries that could help you develop great relationships and succeed in office.

For those who missed the chat here is the chat transcript.

rabi asked, I am a individual focussed on work in hand. peers in my office assume me as unfriendly,how to cope with this?
Amit Bansal answers,  at 2010-06-24 15:59:25Rabi make the effort to smile and greet people and also once in a while make small talk. An occasional coffee break with your colleagues will give you a chance to break this image. Have you considered meeting them outside work hours?

Amit Bansal answers, Is there a need to break to this image?

raj asked, hi amit raj here. I ve just joined with this plant i ve a expereeince of 16 years in tenocommercial purchaseing.the environment here i find is very different and also there is no working culture or there is no professional aprroach.this I find after three to deal such a situation.
Amit Bansal answers, Every oganization has a work culture sometimes drastically different even in the same industry. To answer both your questions, make the effort to interact with people on the floor as well as the management specifically to understand the culture here. In fact if you see some areas lacking, make the effort to introduce new processes and improve the environment. This will also give you a chance to break the ice

babitha asked, My assistant is not co-operating with me? He is very rude and replies very arrogantly whenever I approach him for any official work? How do deal with this scenario?
Amit Bansal answers, Take the direct approach, over coffee or lunch in office discuss the attitude in a non threatening manner and ask for his opinion. There may be environmental factors affecting him, that you could actually help address. Do not take it personally at any point.

mike asked, hello I want to become an wxceptional team player. Outstanding - wow should be the words for me. Help!
Amit Bansal answers, First of all excel at what you do. This will lead people to take your example and come to you for any support. Try and particiapte in team activities and events at work. Develop a good rapport with everyone on the team. All of this should help.

y asked, hey me wrkin cmp last 3 years but cmp no providing good growth accrding industry standards
Amit Bansal answers, If your own performance is faultless and you have tried all means within the organization, then its time to move

rohan asked, Dear Amit, I've just joined the job in a multi national company as a marketing executive. There are many layers of hierarchy in our organization. How can I work in such a way as to build a favourable relationship with all of them. Please tell me any tips you may have.
Amit Bansal answers, Excel at your own responsibilities, take the initiative to improve processes and participae in all team activities. Management is usually quick to notice enthusiastic and positive performers

saurabh asked, Hi Amit, I'm a very silent person by nature. I have finished my MCA and have recently joined a software company. My co-workers are people who are loud and I can't seem to be able to concentrate on my work. How can I deal with this situation without offending or starting a fight with my colleagues.
Amit Bansal answers, Saurabh difficult situation to deal with. Sometimes a simple but firm request that there are others trying to concentrate on work can work wonders.

anju asked, Good afternoon Amit, Is there any secret formula to make my colleagues like me better? I'm generally shy to take the first step and keep to myself as I've seen that it gets me in less trouble. However, I have seen loud mouthed people in my office getting more popular and being liked by others, than myself. How can I be like them?
Amit Bansal answers, Anju, do what you are there to do. focus on work, at the same time start making the iffort to be friendly in little ways. Others popularity does not negate yours. Genuine friends will always be appreciated.

hanji asked, how do you handle nepotism
Amit Bansal answers, There is nothing you can do to stop it. Make sure you are getting credit for your own work, ensure your own visibilty despite it.

Amit Bansal answers, Please turn over a new leaf.

Vijetha asked, Hi Amit, I am from a rural region in Karnataka and have come to Bangalore for my first job. My colleagues are friendly and helpful. Most of them hang out after office hours and they meet up at disco's or drinks. Since my bringing up has been a little orthodox, I can't seem to get out and go with them on these outings. Now I'm in an inner conflict. Should I forget what my parents have taught me as right and continue to just maintain a placid relationship with my colleagues or should I forget my inhibitions and go out with them. I have given it a lot of thought, but not able to come to a solution.
Amit Bansal answers, Vijetha, hanging out does not neccesarily mean giving up on your values. You need not do anything EVER that crosses your moral bounds. If you find that there are objectionable activities indulged in then make the choice to stay away and do not regret it.

vaspri asked, Dear Amit,I am working in a multinational group where i am the only femlae collegue. there are groups in office of guys who are workign for a long time. Please adivse
Amit Bansal answers, It must be an uncomfortable situation. But make the effort to have a cordial relationship with all colleagues

vishwas asked, I recently joined a company as Executive Assistant to MD. Colleagues in my company generally hesitate to speak and share something with me fearing that I may complain it to MD. But I am a very friendly and mature and finding it very tough to win the trust of colleagues and spend times in isolation most often. How to get rid of such a situation.
Amit Bansal answers, Its an occupational hazard. Your role places you in such a position. Try using your position to make some positive changes and ensure that these reach the ears of your colleagues. With some time you will build up trust of the employees.

Towsif asked, Good afternnon amit!i am working with corporate sector and very hard working and focussed with my goal,but to get better promotions i need to expose myself which i cant do. my communication skill is less develpoed, i cant express my idieas and veiws well in private but not in public. please advise me what should i do? regds-towsif
Amit Bansal answers, Try the toastmasters club or any other organization that encourages public speaking. Some practice will get you there.

msn007 asked, Hi, I have to join a new company next week, I am a very shy and silent person, does not like any kind of violence or politics in work, would you able to give me some tips how to keep away from these.
Amit Bansal answers, Focus on your work, be friendly but not overly so. People will get the message.

Ponnuraj asked, Hi, I run with a 25 odd people team, well as they say , it takes all kinds of people to make a team. My problem is that there is lot of interpersonal problems within the team. i have tried to bring them together through common offsite , picnics, etc... but does not seem to work. kindly suggest what else to do.
Amit Bansal answers, Some amount of clashes are only to be expected given that there are so many different personalities. Through a team exercise emphasize that differences are ok as long as they do not affect work or deadlines. Discourage groupism within the team.

Sonali asked, Hi Amit, I've been recently promoted as a Manager in my firm. I'm by nature a very soft spoken person and people often tend to think that they can take me for granted. This makes some of my juniors not stick to deadlines and behave in a condescending manner. Is there any way in which I can make them listen to me without having to resort to pressure tactics?
Amit Bansal answers, You will need to show them that you mean business. Give them an example to go by. Start acting firm when it comes o deadlines. Dont ever get personal but ensure that the message gets across loud and clear.

Towsif asked, dear amit sir! i am very workholic and obsessed with the result and forget my personal life. please advise how to maintain balance with professional life and personal life? Regrds-Towsif Reza
Amit Bansal answers, Please think long term. if you get into this mode you will find it very difficult to let go in the long run. Develop a life outside work, take up activities and hobbies that interest you. Take it from there.

jigar asked, how to develop relationships in new office? what are the most attractive topics in office,which people love to discuss?Pls answer
Amit Bansal answers, Jigar, begin with small talk, not neccesarily office politics and then move on from there. you will come across different people with different interests. Current affairs and sports are neutral and safe discussions in office.

durai asked, How to work with a colleague whose has an aggressive attitude?
Amit Bansal answers, Send the messae that the attitude is not appreciated in a subtle manner. Otherwise directly pproach the person and try to understand the problem. In most cases this is enough to diffuse any negativity

Surat asked, Hi Amit, I work in a small organization. We are just 15 of us in our office although the MD does keep saying that we will be expanding in the near future. Since the organization is so small, everyone seems to be knowing each and everything about the other person, not only professionally but also personally. I'm a private person and would like to keep my personal life separate from my professional life. How can I ward off personal questions without being impolite?
Amit Bansal answers, with a smile. Dont go into details yourself and then regret it. You can ward off questions by diverting the topic. Dont behave like you have something to hide, this will only create more curiosity.

msn007 asked, Thanks for your reply, would you able to tell me what is the most effective and proven tool to communicate with others specially in a big company.
Amit Bansal answers, email and chat! some organizations have excellent forums on their intranet... can vary from organization to org.

SANTA asked, Hi Amit... I have this habit of taking people to task (which sometimes included my senior folks) and making my opinion loud & clear when I think that things are NOT done the right way or when I do NOT like them the way they are done. This I think makes them despise me and I guess I'm NOT very like-able character in the office. Am I doing the right thing or is there a better approach ?
Amit Bansal answers, Santa, where is the spirit of good cheer? say it with a smile and you will see results. dont and you will see more negativity. Achieve your goal, just be smart about it. Making the other person feel small and foolish will not help in any way.

IBM asked, I have a good image among my peers. Unfortunatley I protested a bad rating a couple of years back. This has created a image of me as someone who is a trouble maker. WHat do I do to correc t this.
Amit Bansal answers, Ensure that the next time you object to something it is seen as a genuine issue and not an all out protest. Back up your stand with sound arguments, documentary proofs and make clear an intent to get fair treatment and not to blow up an issue. Stay away from gossipmongers and politics at work.

workaholic asked, dear sir, its difficult for me who made a shift recently to adjust to a domestc work culture compared to an MNC culture i had earlier in my previous assignment. Its difficult to have the same wave length with peers. how to cope?
Amit Bansal answers, It will definitely take time. Be positive and open. You need to mke the neccesary adjustments to fit in. so do it with a smile.

Raman asked, what is the impression that goes to the bosses if they find you chatting with some female colleague?
Amit Bansal answers, If yu are found chatting up female colleagues all the time, it may be frowned on... regular communication is perfectly fine.

Jeetendra asked, Hi Amit, I am working in a MNC. I am little bit conservative. I communicate to my peers very weel. But when talking to my seniors or mangers i use to hesitate and there is a constant fear that something wrong might happen, because of this i am not able to communicate properly with my managers. This is affecting my carrer. My english is not that good but it is ok. Please let me know how to tackle this.
Amit Bansal answers, Please consider signing up with your local chapter of toastmasters club... or any other organization that acts as a forum for public speaking. Self confidence and a little bit of practice should help you overcome this.

gautam asked, i am an honest odd man out in my organization i canot tolerate wastage & dishonesty.i find it difficult to co-op with others who do not mind in loss incurred through wastages. how do i develop relationship with them i find it difficult to have good relationship with these kind of men
Amit Bansal answers, Gautam please do not get judgemental about others. Yes it is ridiculous to waste time or to be dishonest as you can be causght out and your career will be affected. But you can do little more than state your point. Sometimes even that is a waste of effort. Ensure that you do what is right, encourage processes that are right but other than that focus on your responsibilities... being honest to your work requires you to co-operate :)

vinod asked, Hii Amit, Iam not getting how to get in to corporate world.. iam working for small consultancy from past 3 months. is it good to work in a there growth in an consultancy.
Amit Bansal answers, Depending on what kind of a consultancy firm you are with.... usually excellent places to learn and grow. Size does not matter.

vishwas asked, Its a general question. Mostly it has been seen employees are motivated when their first 6 months of joining but after that their motivation level start deminishing and gets frustrated with routine job, or generalised jobs and generaly switch over in 2-3 years times, later the same thing happens. How to get rid of such scenario?
Amit Bansal answers, A genuine interest on the part of the employee and good supportive environment on the part of the org.

msn007 asked, Hi Amit, I wanted to know that if we are very transparent to our seniors in a new co., whatever the situation good or bad what will be the results or what are other options to gain confidence.
Amit Bansal answers, Keeping the channels of communication open is very neccesary. Excel at work assigned to you.

Mitu asked, Hi amit, Myself working in a MNC, wen I joined here, they promised they will give me maternity leave, but now I m n a need of it, my HR is not answering me properly reg the Maternity leave, what can be done in this case?
Amit Bansal answers, Mitu, No organization can deprive you of the government mandated maternity leave if you are on the rolls. Please seek clarification through a email with a cc to the neccesary higher ups if all else has failed.

anil asked, Hello Sir, i work on my industry as a very shy person , and just becz of that i think some person think that i am not able to do that work and one thing is true the work which is i am doing in my company that is i never did, but yes it was from my field but i never work on that so will you tell me am i leave that industry or still do the work.
Amit Bansal answers, anil, you may need some to learn this aspect and make that clear. If you are not confident yourself then you may need to consider a change.

rajesht asked, hi amit pl let me know how to survive in a company which is un professional and uncultured although job security is there but things move on in a snails pace.
Amit Bansal answers, All organizations have different cultures, accept it without fighting it too much. Ensure that you are doing a great job.

up asked, I am being sidlined in my company as i am being tagged as a politician which i never did to anybody. How should i overcome this image.
Amit Bansal answers, Dont indulge in any gossip and keep away from troublemakers. Make it public that you intend to turn a new leaf and prove it.

bharat asked, company is not ready with the Technology / Capability for which i have been hired. Its been 4 months & i dont see it is moving ahead.. Pl. advice
Amit Bansal answers, Bharat keep an eye out for other options in the market. If you are confident that this will not happen again then make the move. Else wait it out.

workaholic asked, if the boss asks for after office drinking/parties, once too often, what is the best excuse so that his sentiments arent hurt?
Amit Bansal answers, Cite health or family requirements which need to get you home early. Be polite but firm.

Amit Bansal says, Thanks for your particiaption in todays chat. See you again next week.