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Your take: Foreign universities on Indian soil?

March 17, 2010 16:30 IST
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The government has given the much-debated Foreign Educational Institutional Bill the nod.

That means Indian students are one step closer to studying at the likes of Yale and Harvard right here on Indian soil.

The bill will now be presented before Parliament. If it goes through, it will open up the doors for foreign universities to set up campuses in the country and offer a variety of degrees.

The advantages:

  • Indian students will be able to pursue an international education without leaving their country and without having to wrestle with visas and affording living expenses.
  • It will ease the intense competition that exists for the limited courses and seats in the country' institutes of higher education.
  • Indian educational institutes will now be forced to drastically improve their standards and quality of education and faculty in order to withstand the competition.

If the bill passes through Parliament, it could well revolutionise the Indian educational system.

Does this mean that fewer Indian students will opt to study abroad? Or will the 'opportunities' abroad continue to attract students?

Given the choice, would you prefer to study at a foreign university's Indian campus? Or do you think that studying abroad offers more than just what is taught in the classroom?

Share your opinions on the messageboard below!

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