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Rediff News  All News  » Getahead » Vivek Oberoi showstops for Digvijay

Vivek Oberoi showstops for Digvijay

Last updated on: March 6, 2010 18:54 IST

Photographs: Sanjay Sawant

Organic fashion was at its best when Digvijay Singh displayed his line from label Bhusattva on the second day of Lakme Fashion Week.

The designer's inspiration for the garments was the Jain philosophy of Anekantavad, which expounds that reality is many-sided and that one standpoint by itself does not yield a factual view of truth. Quoting the parable of 'Six Blind Men and the Elephant' in his concept note, Singh sought to bring together differing and opposing aspects on every outfit.

What's more, actor Vivek Oberoi did the showstopping honours -- check it out.

First up is this smart panelled kurta, which brings together deep green, grey and champagne. Don't miss the tie-up detail on the pants below!

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Casual pizazz

Next we have black dhoti-style capris with a red blouse showing off an asymmetrical hemline.

Tunic togs

A kitschy red checkered tunic is worn over light blue pencil pants.

Japanese influence

Traces of silk, kimono sleeves and a high-necked cut seem very Japanese-inspired on this get-up.

Pale trail

Let it hang loose in this pale purple and blue outfit.

Futuristic fashion

Sun-kissed yellow plays up the futuristic cut of a coat with exaggerated collar and kangaroo pockets.

Patchy pret

The designer unleashes different panels of fabric over lightly dotted floral pants.

Autumn meets spring

Matte gold wraps around this tie-up kurta, worn over emerald dhobi drapes.

All-white delight

Pencil pants set off this high-coloured empire-waisted blouse with a layered hemline.

Boho vibe

Antifit organics are worn with a deep 'V'-necked cross-over kurta.

Star entry

Vivek Oberoi steps out in style, wearing white dhoti pants and a bead-embellished, wide-sleeved kurta.

Celeb in tow

Singh and Oberoi make a round on the runway at the end of the showing as the audience applauds.