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'And then we kissed': Monsoon romances

July 07, 2009 17:12 IST
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Do you have any special memories that were created during the monsoons? We invited Get Ahead readers to share their romantic monsoon memories with us, and we have been flooded with responses. As part of an ongoing series, we present three stories we received.

This happened two years back, to be precise on the July 14, 2007. It was awesome, mindblowing...couldn't have been better and the best thing was that I had taken an off from office that day, just to spend sometime with her. We had booked our tickets for the movie Jhoom Barabar Jhoom, the matinee show after which we planned to go to the beach. The weather was just perfect to spend time with your loved one -- very pleasant cool breeze blowing and both of you just enjoying each other's company. I had always longed to kiss my darling and was just waiting for one oppurtunity -- it couldn't have been better than this.

As expected the beach was pretty crowded (thanks to the pleasant weather). We sat there discussing all the fun and hilarious moments we shared with each other and the crazy things we had done in the past one year of our relationship --countless hours spent over the phone all night talking to each other and still feeling fresh enough to attend office the next day, meeting at the railway station (as she was intially working in Bangalore, and often she used to come back home, our long drives together -- all so good.

Amid all this it started to drizzle and by the time all the people (mostly couples) sitting on the beach could run back to find shelter it started raining very heavily. We too were among the many to run to find shelter but the downpour was so heavy that she started shivering and feeling the cold. And then came the most memorable moments of our life, ones that we cherish till date. I had her in my arms, close to me and so cozy... and I could not hold back. Water dripping off her face, she was so gorgeous; I kissed her and it was heaven! I could not pull myself away and when I did, we realised that we were the only ones left on the beach. The beach was empty and just a picture-perfect scene. It was as though the beach was there only for us. I still can feel her lips today, the water had never tasted so sweet. It was all euphoria after this and we had a wonderful drive back home getting all dreached in the rain.

An awesome day that I can never forget.

-- Ajay Kumar, Chennai

My story is a bit different from the usual ones. I remember being in the second standard when it rained heavily in my hometown, the temple city -- Puri. My aunt was pregnant and we came to know that she had given birth to a son. I was the only kid in the family and my happiness knew no bounds. I sat behind my grandpa's cycle and went with him to the hospital in the torrential downpour. When I reached the hospital room, I was first dried with huge towels by two nurses. Finally I was allowed to hold the baby in my arms.

I can still hear the rain falling in the background and me holding my brother and looking at his tiny face. I absolutely doted on him and pampered him to a great extent. Years later, my cousin grew up to be a menace in the family, and was on the verge of ruining his studies. I was away from home for my higher education and subsequently work. I came down from Mumbai, discussed with his parents, tried convincing him and finally took him with me and put him in a good college in another city.

After I had him settled in the hostel, I left. I could clearly see the pain and repentance in his face, but held myself strong for the sake of his career. While he looked out from the first floor hostel window, I kept looking at him and leaving while waving to him. Then it rained! I saw the same woebegone, ready-to-break-into-tears-but-conscious-of-being-a-guy expression on his face. My tears dissolved in the rains...

-- Soumyakant Singh

It is one of the most terrific romantic stories. It happened in the monsoons, the day before the tsunami hit Chennai.

Me and my girlfriend went out for a date. When we left our respective homes it was not raining at all. We planned to go for a movie in Prathana Theatre located in the ECR road of Chennai. When we boarded the bus from Adayar, the rain started to come down slightly. We thanked god that we reached our destination without getting too wet.

The movie started at 12 pm and when we came out by 2.45 pm, there was lovely cool weather with roaring thunder and lighting. Then we realised that there was a flood situation in Chennai and we could not find any sources or mode of travel back to our homes (my girlfriend lived about two-hours away from where we were).

We waited for nearly 1 hour and we finally found a bus that was already full way beyong capacity. We somehow managed to get into the bus though. I left my girlfrind to her home with a lot of struggle and love. Then I left for my home in the icy rain.

After that incident, my girl is more attached to me. It was a horrifying day for many others because of the flood and tsunami, but for me was the perfect date.

-- Premnath P, Chennai

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