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Monsoon romances: 'The greatest night of my life'

July 10, 2009 13:38 IST
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Do you have any special memories that were created during the monsoons? We invited Get Ahead readers to share their romantic monsoon memories with us, and we have been flooded with responses. As part of an ongoing series, we present four stories we received.

It was July 31, 1997, I had just passed my class XII and was having an affair with one of my classmates. She used to stay in my hometown. There were no mobile phones at that time, only the basic BSNL phone and that too placed in our living room. The moonsoon was in its full fury. It was raining very heavily that night and when all my family members fell asleep, I slowly walked to the living room and phoned her. We started at 11:30 pm and then there were only three voices (mine, hers and the rain's dip dip dip). I talked to her the whole night. I had to leave for Lucknow in the morning at 7:00 am and we talked till 6.

That was the greatest rainy night of my life and I will cherish this memory forever. Though I am now happily married to another girl, that night was simply great.

-- From a reader in Rampur

Modern-day mummies don't like their children playing in the rain. For example, I have a friend, Vijaya, who has a charming son, Manoj. He asked his mother once, "Mummy, can I play in the rain?" "No, you cannot!" exclaimed his mother quite emphatically. "But, mummy, in that children's movie, Mr India, why does that pretty actress, Sridevi, wear a blue sari and plenty of make-up and then dance in the rain? I also want to dance in the rain!" My friend was dumbstruck! So, I intervened. I said, "Your clothes and shoes and socks will get dirty and you might catch a cold." "But then why does Sridevi do it?" Yes, as Sridevi has proved: The monsoon season is a very romantic time for all young people where they assume it to be an opportune time for the pretty lass to find her Mr Right!

Monsoons are here with a bang. I remember another movie which deals with the romanticism of rain. It was the movie, Heena. On the huge silver screen, Rishi Kapoor, the about-to-be-married groom is shown in relatively pleasant weather and then suddenly a fierce storm started brewing which meant heavy rain while the thunder rolled noisily and the lightning flashed zigsaw across the inky blue sky. Within moments Rishi Kapoor is seen floating on a log in the vortex of a storm of "sound and fury" and is seen rapidly whisked away as is his destiny in the movie.

The next scene shows a map of India. My two nephews, Akshay and Abhishek, started jumping up and down in their seats shouting excitedly, "What fun! Geography, Geography!" With an adult's intuition, I realised the reason why they showed the map of India. It was because they wanted the viewers to understand that the log carrying Rishi Kapoor was in a river which was to take him to Pakistan! "Thank God," said Akshay, "The river was not that long, otherwise it would have taken him to Afghanistan!"

Yes, rain from the south-west monsoon is not merely unpredictable but it is a phenomenon which everyone looks forward eagerly to. Rain from the south-west monsoon provides one and all a welcome respite from summer. For, yes, though summer is a season in which one can eat delicious mango fruit, cool cucumber and red and juicy watermelon, it is also a season which is stuffy, humid and sultry. So, in this context, I guess monsoon provides a ready relief from the sun's scorching hot rays.

Yes, no new-day dawn or heavy heart or piece of glass has broken quite as favourably as the monsoon has broken for its arrival, like that of a long-lost friend, is greeted with avid, eager and enthusiastic alacrity. Any wonder why the Liril girl while playing in the midst of water from torrential waterfalls looks the personification of happiness as she twirls in and out of the water's flashing splashes! One loves to play in the heavenly waters singing gleefully, "Raindrops keep falling on my head!"

The sounds of the monsoon are equally memorable. The rain leaks playfully and joyfully into hovels, gushes noisily through piped gutters and trickles in surreptitiously through holes in the roof, producing a whole array of varied sounds. After it rains another sensual treat is the fresh fragrance of the muddy earth which is a pleasant almost intoxicating aftermath, like a tonic of which one wants to take in more and more! Indeed, the air smells so fresh and clean that any poet can grow mushy and in the midst of which any man would love to dilly-dally with his young love! Shubha Mudgal's Ab Ke Sawan, anyone?

-- Heera Nawaz, Bangalore

First we met on Orkut, then we became friends. Our relationship continued and improved a lot. We starting going around Chennai,our favourite place when we were friends was Marina Beach.

One rainy day I got stuck in the rain as I started for the office at around 11am. I called her and told her how heavily it was raining as I waited near T'Nagar bus stop. She hung up the phone and after 10 minutes she reached the place I was. I got so excited to see her. She asked where I wanted to go and we decided to visit our favourite place -- Marina Beach.

We were walking on the beach in the downpour, enjoying the waves. That moment made me forget everything and I fell in love with her. I could have told her that moment itself but something stopped me. The next day I explained how I felt and proposed to her. She accepted. Now we are married and living just near Marina beach.

-- Anantha Padmanapan, Chennai

Ever since my ladylove made the statement "I want to walk with you when it is pouring heavily, clutching your hands, shivering, I would like to walk a mile in a deserted place," I am eagerly awaiting the monsoons.

Frankly speaking, I hate getting wet in the rain but for her I wouldn't mind. Everytime we met this season she wouldn't forget to say the same. In fact it was cloudy the last time we met and she purposely spent more time with me just hoping it would rain. But to her disappointment it did not. I just hope it rains heavily the next time we meet.

-- Raghavendra KN

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