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Seven sex myths women fret over

August 11, 2010 15:24 IST
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Women think about sex as much as men do -- and here's the truth behind a few false impressions they have about it.

Lots of myths serve to prevent women from enjoying healthy sex. We discuss some of these popular misconceptions below:

Myth No 1: Sex is incomplete unless I have an orgasm

Making orgasm the objective of sex often takes away from the experience, especially as some women are unlikely to experience one every time. In fact, the chances of reaching an orgasm may diminish if a woman is tense about this. So be spontaneous and enjoy the other aspects of the sexual experience.

Myth No 2: I must reach orgasm at the same time as my partner

This is another myth, probably fuelled by romance novels and films. In reality, this does not always happen. In fact, many women are unable to climax during intercourse and require manual or oral stimulation of the clitoris to achieve orgasm.

Myth No 3: Orgasms are meant to be earth-shattering events

If orgasms always caused people to scream with pleasure, we would most likely hear many more couples screaming in love. People experience an orgasm differently and a quiet orgasm can be satisfying too; the quality of the experience cannot be measured in decibels.

Myth No 4: My partner will be put off by the smell of my private parts

In one survey, 29 percent of Indian men reported having to persuade their partners to try oral sex. A reason could be anxiety about the smell or taste of private parts, though research suggests that individuals view their own 'smell' more negatively than their partners. But if this worry makes you shy, wash your private areas before sex. Avoid strong-smelling foods in your diet and drink plenty of water. If you still think you can smell yourself, consult a gynaecologist as you may have vaginitis (an infection in the genital area).

Myth No 5: My partner will notice my imperfections and won't want to be with me anymore

Self-image is probably the most important factor that can come in the way of healthy sex. Apprehensions regarding weight, looks, or body parts ("my thighs are huge"), will inhibit you and prevent you from enjoying sex. Your partner does not expect a 'perfect' body -- he just wants you to relax and enjoy sex with him!

Myth No 6: My partner will find out that I am not a virgin

First off, as society is becoming more liberal, women are no longer bound by unrealistic expectations. Secondly, the good news is that even if your partner expects you to be a virgin, there is no way he can tell for sure. In fact, not even a doctor can certify with confidence whether a woman is a virgin or not.

Myth No 7: My first time will be painful since the hymen will break

This fear can make many women tense on their wedding night. But not every virgin has an intact hymen (a thin tissue that covers the vaginal opening). Vigorous exercise or use of tampons could have caused the hymen to break already, without your knowledge. On the other hand, if the hymen is intact, penetration may cause little, if any, pain or bleeding.

So then, don't let needless apprehensions stop you from enjoying a fulfilling sexual experience.

Photograph: Janine/Creative Commons

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