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Sexual queries: 'Increasing chances of conception'

August 25, 2009 17:25 IST

Andrologist and microsurgeon Dr Sudhakar Krishnamurti will be responding to rediff readers' sexual queries on a regular basis.

We invited Get Ahead readers to mail in their questions. Here is the next set of responses:

Dear Dr,

My request is, I need to enlarge my penis, and I want more time to have sex. I have checked many types of medicines but no result. Can you help me ? Please don't publish my name or email id.

A patient

Even though penis enlargement surgery is controversial and has both takers and critics, the bottom line is that it IS possible to perform such surgery. I get a few requests every week, but whether I take them up is another matter. I know from experience that telling a man who wants a penis enlargement operation that his penis size is normal, is like trying to reassure a woman with breast dysmorphophobia (a psychological disorder wherein an individual harbours dislike of a part of his/ her body) that she has normal-sized breasts. Both are equally difficult situations. However, it is possible that some really have a penis that is smaller than normal. Smallness of the penis cannot be determined without examining the patient. Medicines cannot enlarge a penis. Premature ejaculation and erection sustenance problems however, can be often benefitted by oral drugs. Both penis size and premature ejaculation are discussed at length over many chapters in my book, Sexx is Not a Four-Letter Word.

Hi, here are my questions for sex expertise, I am male and 27.

1. How can we increase the production of semen in body so as to ejaculate more in intercourse, which might increase chances of conception?
2. Does amount of semen you ejaculate has anything to do with the satisfaction of your partner? I am interested to know natural ways without any aid of medical antibiotics.
3. What is the ideal frequency (each day/weekly?) of sex which can result in most satisfaction to both partners?

1. Despite what alternative medicine mumbo-jumbo might lead you to believe, there is no way in which semen volume can be significantly increased your if the person is already well hydrated and there is no problem with the sperm producing, semen producing, and ejaculatory apparatuses. The wife's conception prospects can be improved by having sex during the day on which she ovulates. How this is best calculated has been explained in an earlier edition of this column.

2. No. And I am an expert in andrology and sexual medicine, not naturopathy.

3. This varies among individuals and among couples and is something that the two partners have to discuss and agree on. But one mustn't lose all spontaneity and fall victim to sex programmed by the clock and calendar. And please don't be influenced by what your fibbing friends, the movies, and porn peddlers say.

Dear Doctor,

We have been married for 6 years. We have regular intercourse in the first fornight after menstrual period but we cannot find any success with pregnancy. I have observed that my penentration is not deep and the penis bends after encountering the obstruction within one inch depth and the ejaculation happens. Both of us were found to be medically fit. My semen count, motility etc are very good and my wife does not have any problem with respect to egg size, egg formation, tubes etc. But it still eludes us. We desperately need a child. Pls advise us -- is natural pregnancy possible? If so what are the best positions through which I can penetrate and consummation is possible? Or shall we proceed with artificial techniques like IUI, IVF etc? Kindly clarify.

Baki, Bangalore

If your semen analyses are normal, and your wife's tests have returned normal, your fertility potentials are certainly intact. But having sex for fifteen consecutive days after the menstrual period is not the best way to catch the ovulation event. Ovulation usually occurs fourteen days before the first day of bleeding of the next period. Once daily or every alternate day for 4 days around this date maximizes conception chances. But if you have already wasted six years doing it on the wrong dates, it is best to consult an infertility expert. For the buckling of your penis, you will need to see an andrologist. This is curable.

Do you have a question for Dr Krishnamurti? Simply e-mail him at; responses will be published each week and names will be withheld upon request.

Dr Sudhakar Krishnamurti is an international award-winning andrologist and microsurgeon. He is the only Indian on the world's first-ever batch of sexual medicine fellows (Oxford, 2007). Best known for the Krishnamurti Operation for Peyronie's Disease, he is also the founder of Andromeda, India's first andrology center, and author of the book Sexx is Not a Four-Letter Word. Click here to purchase the book from rediff Shopping.

Disclaimer: Please note that Dr Krishnamurti will be answering the most relevant queries at his discretion each week. His advice may not necessarily reflect the opinions of and while it is in the capacity of professional medical counselling, it in no way should be considered an alternative to visiting a medical specialist for sex-related ailments.