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Rediff News  All News  » Getahead » 'Love handles' stress can ruin women's sex lives

'Love handles' stress can ruin women's sex lives

May 11, 2009 13:01 IST

Love handles may be stopping you from getting frisky between the sheets, a new UK report claims.

According to a survey of over 2,000 men and women, carried out by magazine Cosmopolitan, a majority of British ladies worry about their podgy tummies when they're getting dirty with their partners.

The participants were asked what part of their body they stress about when getting down to business, reports The Sun.

Sixty one percent of ladies said they are bothered by their bellies, while more than one woman in ten is concerned about breasts and bottom, the study found.

Only six percent were worried about the sight of their pins, and didn't like the look of their legs, the survey also revealed.

What's more, one woman in three is so worried about wobbly bits they avoid certain positions when getting busy between the sheets.

However, when it comes to men, they're least bothered about how they look in the buff.

Nine out of ten blokes said they never let their body issues interfere with bonking, although they did prove to be a bit sensitive about their beer guts.

When quizzed about what body part they most disliked, a majority of men said their bellies.

Photograph: Mike Segar/Reuters

Source: ANI