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Restaurant review: Healthy, square meals for Rs 40!

Last updated on: February 22, 2010 18:19 IST

We invited GA readers to contribute restaurant reviews and share their opinions on their neighbourhood eateries with us. Here, Jagadishdatta Latay from Kolkata tells us about the Madras Restaurant.

It was a rainy day in July 2009. I was on my own during a lunch break from a job interview on Ganesh Chandra Avenue (Mission Row Extension), Kolkata. There was no canteen facility and I was told that I could have my lunch anywhere along GC Avenue. I found that it was literally so. I am an omnivorous Maharashtrian and the variety of attractive, appetising options had to be seen (and smelt!) to be believed.

However thanks to my short visit of a day, the hard Kolkata water and the level of cleanliness around these stalls, I dared not venture towards any of them. In search of safe South Indian snacks, I did not realise that I had walked down GC Avenue and turned in along Chittaranjan Avenue, only to find a signboard that said 'Madras Restaurant'.

To my pleasant surprise, a steaming thali was available. Two chappatis, three vegetables, two types of dals, papad, pickle, curds and a plate of rice made a wholesome, healthy square meal for only Rs 40. The place was neat and clean. The atmosphere was homely, relaxed and the service was swift and courteous.

Madras Restaurant had all the nice features of both Kolkata and Udupi eateries. There was steady crowd. I was relieved that during my job in Kolkata, the lunch part of things was more than satisfactorily assured. If one is 40 plus, mostly staying alone and strictly vegetarian, then this is so important.

I find it rewarding to walk all the way overcoming the roadside temptations. Other typical South Indian dishes are equally good. The prices are reasonable and not inflationary. The place is a family restaurant for persons of all age groups and regions of India. This is the secret behind why this restaurant is doing steady, consistent business in a place like Kolkata since 1939.


Madras Restaurant
Chittaranjan Avenue

Phone: +91 (0)33 2237 9764

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Jagadishdatta Latay Kolkata