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Marathon prep: What to carry on D-Day

January 15, 2010 19:10 IST

With the Mumbai Marathon coming up on the weekend, fitness expert Leena Mogre gives us the final checklist of how to get kitted out and things to carry with you on the big day.

Besides being well-trained for the marathon, you also need to be well-prepared for the day of the race. Here's what you should keep in mind:

  • It goes without saying that you must not run without a pair of good shoes, even if it is just the Dream Run (6 kms) you're attempting. A lot of people run in a pair of canvas shoes, which is a big no-no. If you don't have them, buy a pair of new trainers, not a few days before the run but rather on the day you start your training -- about three to six months before the marathon. This is because the shoes need to take the shape of your feet. Many first-timers end up buying a new pair of trainers and suffer from nasty shoe bites.
  • A pair of sweat-absorbing sports socks is also a must-have ,as is a towel. Yet again, don't use a new unwashed one because it won't do you any good. If it's new, ensure you've soaked it in water and dried it to increase absorbency.
  • Wear a dry-fit, a cotton tee, a simple vest, or whatever else suits you. Remember, you are going to sweat and you need to be in something that will be comfortable. Women have to wear a sports bra for the right support.
  • Carry a pouch with some sweets to keep your sugar levels up. Carry some energy bars if you like. Also carry a bottle of water. You will get dehydrated and though they serve you water at drink stations along the way, you may be more comfortable carrying something you're sure is pure. While you train, you also need to get used to running with a full bladder. You don't want to lose your tempo just going around the corner, do you?
  • A mobile phone is not something many might recommend but it surely comes in handy if there is an emergency. As long as you're not taking/ making calls while running, I guess there's no harm in keeping it in your pouch.
  • iPod? I'm not very sure about that. The high of running itself keeps most runners and athletes going. But if you need music to keep you going, why not?
Abhishek Mande