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'A father like you...'

June 18, 2009 10:15 IST

Father's Day is on June 21, and we asked readers to send in their special messages for their fathers. We also asked dads to share photographs of their little darlings on Father's Day. In response, we have been flooded with touching, sentimental messages and photographs that celebrate fatherhood. Here are some of the messages we received:

Dear Daddy,

Even though we are close to mummy, we do love you very much. I hate it when you go to office. You do so much for all of us and buy for each of us whatever we need.

Daddy dear, we pray to God to keep you always in good health and spirit so that you can take care of us even when we fly from the cuckoo's nest.

Lots of love,

-- Trinella & Oliver




Hi Dada,
Thank you for always being there. You are my moral support. You have never made us feel the loss of mom. It's my fortune to have a great fun loving dad like you. I am sorry if I have hurt your feelings by my mistakes.

But trust me dad I cannot stay without you. You are so very important for me.

Love you tonnes, Dad!

-- Pooja

You're a macho man,
You're my hero
Yet, you wept! the first time
You held me in your arms as a baby;
You trembled with joy
When I took my first step;
Your shoulders were my cradle,
And your chest my football field!
You taught me values, You're my pole star;
You made me understand the world,
You were the loudest applauding one
At my graduation!
I am, What I am
'Coz of you;
When my world falls apart - I'm sure
You'll bend yourself, putting the pieces
Together to trigger me,
To the right spot!
I love you Dad,
I love you for what you are!

-- Nambika Marian

Sagnik is my son of 6 years. He is very very intelligent but at the same time very childish in nature. I wish him all the very success in his life. May God bless him.

-- Sanjoy Mukherjee











Difficult times can't be predicted. But if they arrive, we know that there is someone who will hold our hands and escort us through the journey boosting our confidence.

We feel deeply proud to say that YOU are the person we are talking about. Your presence really makes us feel the warmth of love.

We can never forget your words of affection when we are sad, your magical hugs when we need them and of course, your appreciation when our morale is down. Your wise decisions have always brought happiness into our lives.

When we were born, we got you as our father; that's because God knew what could be the perfect birthday gift for us and believe us no other present has been more precious to us than you.

To the world it might be just one day, but for us every day is OUR FATHER'S DAY only because of your love and care. We are glad to have a father like you!


Love you,

-- Shagun and Monu

Dear Father,
Today I find you have become very old, and passionately desire our love and company, but I could not be with you, the way you have guarded, guided us although sacrificing your own desires, comforts. I know due to old age, your legs do not allow you to move as before, still I could not be with you due to distant job posting. I know you helped me and held out your hands to teach me to take my first steps in life. I know, whatever the situation, you were always with me, held me, helped me and wanted whatever was best for me.

I feel sad, unfortunate, incompetent in front of your old age and of your state. I know you simply live for our company.You do not really live any more just simply survive. You simply do not want to live any more.

I also know your last desire to walk with the help of us, to end your life with our love and patience. You simply need only our smile and lots of love. Tears roll down my eyes in vain.

I love you DAD. I respect you DAD. I wish always to be with you DAD at this end of life.

Your son,

-- Bachuu


You were our life, we miss you everyday and every moment in our life.

WE miss you in every step of our life. You are always alive in our memories and we love you always!

-- Shaheen, Imran, Shireen, Rida, Ehaab and Afsheen



For the best father in the whole world...

Hi Dad, this is for you:

A Father like You
I just want you to know
you mean the world to me
Only a heart as dear as yours
would give so unselfishly.

-- Dheeraj Gambhir

If you would like to share your photographs, messages, memories and videos write in to with the subject line 'Dads' and make this Father's Day one your dad will long remember.