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Last minute tips to crack IIT-JEE

Last updated on: April 10, 2010 08:13 IST
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The most prestigious entrance exam IIT-JEE is on April 11. Those six hours will decide the fate of the students who have put their best efforts in this most important examination which will decide their career. So, students will have to plan ahead to give their best for the two three-hour sessions.

We would like to invite the attention of the students to some of the essentials that they should keep in mind while appearing for the most important examination in their academic career yet.

On the eve of the examination students need to be attentive to certain points to score best in the exam. On the eve of the examination students need not to do the in-depth study & should not refer a new book for preparation. It might end up with a major confusion as what to study and what not to study. Moreover, they should not attempt to do lengthy problems that involve multiple steps.

On the day of examination students must exhibit good perseverance and stamina -- not just to weather the exam-stretch of six hours but also to stand the summer heat.

While solving the paper they should give equal importance and balance to physics, chemistry and mathematics. While the general strategy should be to distribute time equally among the three subjects, it is natural for students to spend more than average time solving questions of their favorite subject.

In the context of the changed norms for the subject cut-offs, the following should be adhered to:

1. If you have scored relatively less in one subject in Paper 1, do spend more than average time on that subject in Paper 2. You would not want to be denied of an AIR for want of achieving the subject cut-offs.

2. After the cut-offs are achieved, your AIR still depends on the total marks secured in both the papers.

3. Do not discuss the cut-offs during the break between the papers (that is, from 12 noon to 2 pm). Do not try to guess the cut-off also. Your preparation should be your best guide to tell you whether the questions from one subject area have been difficult or not.

On the examination day student must take care that last year, multiple correct answers did not carry negative marks. Students who did not attempt those questions for fear of attracting penalty missed out on easy scoring opportunity. So do read the instructions given for every type of question. After Paper 1, the only analysis that you should do is to understand the pattern of the question paper.

No other analysis is worth doing during the two-hour break. Use the restroom before entering the examination hall. Your mind needs to be completely focused on the examination paper. And do not forget that the subject cut-off will be higher this year. So don't hesitate to give more attention to a subject in Paper 2 if you have not attempted that subject to your satisfaction in Paper 1. Don't spend more that 90 minutes on any single subject in any one paper. That would be an overkill and could actually hamper your chances with respect to subject-wise cut-offs.

Finally, students should remain calm and control their nerves for the exam.

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