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Sexual queries: 'I can't control myself'

August 18, 2010 13:16 IST

Andrologist and microsurgeon Dr Sudhakar Krishnamurti will be responding to rediff readers' sexual queries on a regular basis.

We invited Get Ahead readers to mail in their questions. Here is the next set of responses:

Dear Sir,

I am an 18-year-old guy and I have a bad habit of masturbation. I tried a lot to leave it but I can't. Sir, please tell me an effective way to leave the habit. I will be highly obliged if you do.

I have never understood why this question keeps repeating itself ad nauseam ad infinitum in every sexual health and andrology column in the Indian sub-continent. I have already addressed this in many previous editions on rediff.

You too have probably asked this same question many times and obtained the same answer each time. Do you think that one day the answers will change because you want them to? Or because we were wrong in our earlier answer and might give you a new one this time ?! Sorry to disappoint you, but the answer to both questions is a big NO! If you want 6,000 words of information on this subject of masturbation, you must read chapters 9, 11 and 39 in my book, Sexx is Not a Four-Letter Word.

Hi Doctor,

I am a 28-year-old male and got married last December. My medical profile is provided as follows:

  • Weight: 118 kgs
  • Height: 6'
  • Have lost one of my testicles due to tortion around nine years ago
  • Have a medium-sized pension

My concerns:

  • What are the side-effects of losing one testicle? Also mention steps required to maintain the other?
  • I can have sex comfortably but the amount of sperm discharged is less...this is what I feel. What tests should I do to confirm my sperm count?
  • During sex or masturbating, if the skin of my penis is pulled back exposing the hole, it pains (rather than pain, it is irritating). I have observed in many porn movies that the skin is usually pulled and the hole is exposed. Whenever my skin is pulled I apply a lubricant to slowly pull it back.

With regards.
Rishit Sanghvi

Dear Rishit,

Here are the answers to all your questions:

1. By 'pension' I suppose you mean 'penis'. A medium-sized one is good enough.

2. A single testis usually compensates quite well for the lost one, both in terms of sperm counts as well as testosterone hormone production. You could get a semen analysis and a testosterone estimation done if you wish to confirm this. A requisition slip can be made available to you if you send an e-mail to

For cosmetic purposes, I would recommend surgical placement of a testicular implant (prosthesis) on the deficient side. This is a safe operation that we've been doing for more than 20 years and one that gives good results.

3. The tight foreskin condition you have is called phimosis. I usually recommend a simple circumcision operation under local anesthesia as a permanent cure for this -- with very good results.

Hi Doctor,

We are married for the last three years and have been trying to conceive from the last one year. I just found out I have 30 percent motility (active) and 30 as my sperm count. As per your experience, what are the chances that I can get my wife to conceive naturally?

If not, what are other ways or remedies you suggest? Kindly revert if you want more information or have any query.


A diagnosis of 'infertility' is made only if there is no pregnancy after one and a half years of unprotected intercourse. A single semen analysis has no meaning. You need a proper andrological evaluation. It is always simpler to begin an infertility evaluation with an examination of the male, because the male is responsible for 50 percent of all infertility and the tests required for him are usually simpler, less invasive, and less expensive. For more information, visit

Dr Sudhakar Krishnamurti is an international award-winning andrologist and microsurgeon. He is the only Indian on the world's first-ever batch of sexual medicine fellows (Oxford, 2007). Best known for the Krishnamurti Operation for Peyronie's Disease, he is also the founder of Andromeda, India's first andrology center, and author of the book Sexx is Not a Four-Letter Word. Click here to purchase the book from rediff Shopping.

Disclaimer: Please note that Dr Krishnamurti will be answering the most relevant queries at his discretion each week. His advice may not necessarily reflect the opinions of and while it is in the capacity of professional medical counselling, it in no way should be considered an alternative to visiting a medical specialist for sex-related ailments.